Long Time No Blog / Palm Sunday

Hello everyone!

I apologize for the long delay between blog posts. Both of our computers experienced hard-drive crashes within a few days of returning from spring break. It was a pretty big disappointment, especially considering all of the files we had on our computers. Hopefully we’ll be up and running again soon, but I can’t promise anything.

I went to the Palm Sunday service at the Vatican this morning and was blown away. It was the first service I have been to at the Vatican. I was able to hear the pope speak a considerable amount, as well as listen to the beautiful choirs that performed. I brought my camera and took a bunch of photos, so as soon as I can use my computer again I’ll post some.

John Piazza IV


Street Art: Napoli

Here’s some cool street art that I snapped some photos of while visiting Naples.  The graffiti’s theme is dark and seemingly politically driven. Anyway, Napoli had some great sidewalk art and even better pizza!

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We just booked our spring break last night. It took forever and we ended up spending more than we had to because we booked so late, but we’re not too concerned. It’s definitely going to be the best spring break I’ve ever had. We’re headed to Paris, Amsterdam, and Prague. We leave early Friday morning and I don’t think I could be more excited. This is our first time traveling outside of Italia too! We’ll probably be out of the loop for a few days while we’re traveling, so peep these photos in the mean time.



PS I just got a cookbook in the mail from my family, so get stoked to see some of the food we make.

Without further ado:

Beautiful women and beautiful places



POI: Duomo di San Gennaro

[Duomo di San Gennaro cathedral by Jp]

Last weekend while sightseeing in Napoli, John and I toured the magnificent Duomo di San Gennaro cathedral.  The church was one of the most impressive and beautiful cathedrals we had seen in our travels (We have seen a lot!).  The Duomo di San Gennaro, or Duomo for short, was actually built on the ruins of Cattedrale Stefania, an older cathedral dating back to 570 BC.  The church has been renovated many times and has even withstood an earthquake that hit Naples in 1456.  Some of the notable features inside the Duomo include a massive gilt wooden ceiling, golden roundels, and many statues and frescoes.

[Above two photos by Jb]



In the News

This is kind of old news but I was trying to wait for some news coverage to surface so I could get my facts straight.

As I was walking to one of classes I noticed a HUGE crowd of people standing along the Guglielmo Marconi Bridge and the banks of the Tiber peering into the murky water below.  As I got closer I saw the flashing lights of rescue vehicles, a diving crew, and several firefighters and police officers.

Then I saw the white sheet.  Rescuers had already retrieved the body what I later found out to be a middle aged woman.  We really don’t know much more concerning the details because barely any information was reported.  Its kind of crazy that some of my professors were clueless of incident.  I would assumed they watch the news and would have heard something about the incident.   Some say that the woman was a prostitute so that may be the reason it really wasn’t reported.

I did find a small article about the incident you can access by clicking here.

I managed to snap a picture of the scene.  It was really insane to see everyone snapping photos and taking videos and yet there wasn’t a single news crew.



On Site Classes

First off, BLOGS ARE HARD TO KEEP UP WITH!  John and I have so much to share, its just a matter of finding the time to share it with everyone!  I just wanted to apologized to everyone for being a terrible blogger.

Anyway…This is a photo I took in my photo class the other day while walking around Rome.  It’s really cool to be able to get out of the classroom and learn firsthand in one of the coolest places on the planet!

[Corinna from Tuscany]

 John Cabot is unique in that they offer many on site classes, particularly in the subject of history, where classes meet in different parts of Rome.  It’s actually really cool when you think about learning about the St. Peters Square while being there, opposed to looking at pictures in a textbook.  SUPER. COOL.

[St. Peters Square at sunset]

Its kind of crazy but we haven’t been inside or toured the Vatican yet and it’s literally our neighborhood.  We will someday and we will post more photos.

Get stoked for some cool posts to come!